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Adoption in Palm Beach County, Florida

Attorney Marie Calla Quartell understands the unique issues that parents face. 

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Child Adoption Process - Florida Adoption

The Law Offices of Marie Calla Quartell, P.A. can assist you in the stepparent adoption process.  When a biological parent is in agreement with a stepparent adoption the process of stepparent adoption goes very smoothly.  The process involves obtaining consent of the biological parent, and then filing a petition with the clerk of court.  Once that has been done correctly, the matter can be set for hearing in front of a judge who will enter the Order authorizing the adoption to occur.  At that point, the child's birth certificate can be changed, if the client desires this change.

The Law Offices of Marie Calla Quartell, P.A. specializes in Child Adoption Process in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Call 1-888-951-5437 today for a free consultation about child adoption!